Get Your Whole Family Mobilized for House Cleaning with These Resources from DaSilva Cleaning Services Housekeeping Services Professionals

Cleaning Schedule, Charts and Checklists

DaSilva Cleaning Services has a system for cleaning homes that we’ve developed and improved during our many years of providing homeowners with professional housekeeping services. To help keep your home clean between housekeeping visits, explore the resources below from DaSilva Cleaning Services that will help you and your whole family get organized, motivated and mobilized for a home that’s clean with less effort.

Post It to the Refrigerator!

Everyone who lives in a home should have a role in making it livable, clean and pleasant—babies excepted, of course. Lighten your load by sharing it! Use the Kids Chore Chart (above) and consider some of the advice below:

Cleaning the DaSilva Cleaning Services Way

Want to use some DaSilva Cleaning Services methodology? Explore the link below for ways to incorporate our professional approach to housekeeping services into your own family cleaning days:

The Right Tools for the Job

To clean well and quickly, you need the right tools and the right supplies. Click below for a handy checklist of supplies to get, and then keep on hand:

We hope these resources help get you and your family organized and motivated.

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Active families benefit from professional housekeeping visits on a weekly or alternate-weekly basis—our most popular scheduling options.