Save Time in the Morning

3 Ways to Streamline Your Morning Routine

Whether you're getting ready for work or getting the kids ready for school, streamline your daily routine with these three simple tips to save time in the morning:

  1. Set your clothes out the night before. How much time do you spend figuring out what to wear? Or how long does it take you to find your favorite shirt? Deciding what you want to wear and laying it out the night before can save you priceless minutes each morning.
  2. Pack your work/school bag the night before. Making sure your bag has everything you need or that your wallet, car keys and cell phone are in one easy-to-find place is another easy way to avoid hassle and save time in the morning.
  3. Make breakfast simple. Breakfast is by far the most important meal of the day, but lack of time in the morning can cause people to skip it. A quick strategy to combat this is to prepare all the materials you need for your breakfast the night before. Whether you're mixing pancake batter, cooking eggs to heat up in the morning or packing something to take with you, having your breakfast prepared beforehand can make all the difference in your morning routine.

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