Erasing Carpet Footprints

Jurassic Furniture

There’s no reason the footprints left from moving furniture have to stay. With this easy solution from DaSilva Cleaning Services, it’s easy to get rid of these impressions overnight and with just a tiny bit of time and effort. Watch this DaSilva Cleaning Services Cleaning Institute video to learn more.

How It’s Done

The secret cure for these carpet footprints is in your freezer. Simply open it up, grab out a handful of ice cubes, and set a few in each impression on the carpet. After the cubes have melted entirely, let the spot dry overnight and run the vacuum over the spot in the morning. That’s all. It’s really that simple to remove those footprints that can otherwise linger for days.

This simple trick of the trade is just one of many ideas DaSilva Cleaning Services has to help you clean your furniture in between your professional cleaning service visits. Wondering how much home cleaning will cost you? Request an estimate today.