Save Time on Your Computer

3 Ways to Spend Less Time on your Computer

Very few items have the potential to save time and waste it like computers. These simple tips from DaSilva Cleaning Services will help you save time—and block out distractions that can slow you down.

  1. Learn keyboard shortcuts. Many of the computer programs you use every day have a variety of keyboard shortcuts that can really save you time when using your computer. These "hotkeys" are keyboard prompts that can be used for a variety of often-repeated tasks, including everything from saving your work, formatting text to bookmarking your favorite websites.
  2. Stay on task. Research has shown that people searching for an answer on the web, will choose to visit multiple sites when they could have found the desired information after visiting only one. Try and limit your searches to information and websites that you actually need for your project. Also make sure to avoid getting caught up in your social media or email.
  3. Keep your work and personal emails separate. By simply having separate email accounts for your professional and personal accounts, you can avoid the distraction of answering personal emails at work and vice versa.

Looking to save even more time? Use our What Is Your Time Worth? calculator to see how much time DaSilva Cleaning Services's cleaning services can help you save.