Cleaning Institute: Home Office Cleaning Tips from Cleaning Service Pros

De-clutter, De-germ, then Delight in Your Organized Space

DaSilva Cleaning Services cleaning service includes thorough cleaning of home offices, but here we offer do-it-yourself advice that will keep one of the dirtiest rooms in your home a welcome, productive place to telecommute, pay bills, conquer the world or just escape for a little private time.

Clean Office = Clear Thoughts

Offices that are clean and tidy are great places to focus, relax and be productive. Offices that are not cleaned, dusted, and straightened for a couple of weeks quickly become home to disgusting germs and paralyzing clutter. Here are professional cleaning tips that will make your office a place where you can be focused and relaxed:

How Many Bacteria on a Desk Surface?

There are reasons why home offices can be dirtier than your kitchen sink. Now, the office you share with co-workers all week? Even more so. Check out this DaSilva Cleaning Services infographic to see what you can do to leave bacteria and cold viruses at the office, and not bring them home:

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