Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Professional Bathroom Cleaning Tips

DaSilva Cleaning Services has years of experience cleaning bathrooms of all types and sizes. Over that time, we've accumulated a lot of wisdom about how to properly clean this area of your home. Some suggestions:

  1. Keep a small vacuum near the bathroom and give the floor and any carpets a quick once-over every day.
  2. Use a small squeegee after your morning shower to slow the development of water marks.
  3. Keep some potpourri, or a fresh candle, in the bathroom for a good scent.
  4. A simple nylon netting over the drain in the shower or tub can significantly reduce hair clogs.

How Do You Unclog Shower Heads?

It's a common bathroom cleaning issue—a low-flow shower head that isn't designed to be low-flow. Fortunately, unclogging a shower head is easy with our professional cleaning tips.

Simply remove the shower head and place it into a mixture of vinegar and hot water. This will loosen the calcium and other materials clogging the mechanism and allow you to experience a full-force flow once again!

Bathroom Cleaning Schedule

No matter which rooms are included as part of your DaSilva Cleaning Services cleaning service, our goal is to provide a quality clean that makes your entire home feel better. Keep your home maintained in between DaSilva Cleaning Services visits by implementing a consistent cleaning schedule, like this one for a bathroom:

  • Daily: After each shower, use a small squeegee to help prevent water marks on the walls. Also keep a small hand held vacuum to use on the floors each day.
  • Weekly: Once per week, combine the above duties with a thorough cleaning of the shower/tub, toilet and surfaces. Mop the floor weekly as well.
  • Monthly: Once per month, be sure to organize all of your cabinets and closets within your bathroom spaces. This helps maintain an easy order within these storage spaces.
  • Yearly: With regular maintenance, a bathroom should not require a deep, yearly clean. Items to clean occasionally include taking down blinds and giving them a soak in all-purpose cleaner and washing your plastic shower curtain in cold water.

Did you know that 63% of Americans hate cleaning bathrooms more than any other room? Click here for more fun facts!

These are just some of the tips we have for keeping a bathroom clean. Our years of professional cleaning have taught us a lot more, and the best way to maintain a bathroom is to clean it consistently. Since you have better things to do, contact DaSilva Cleaning Services today!