Save Time Dusting

3 Ways to Spend Less Time Dusting

We all know that keeping your house clean and looking good is an ongoing process; it takes work. However, that doesn't mean that cleaning needs to take up all of your free time. Make your dusting as efficient as possible with DaSilva Cleaning Services's three ways to save time when dusting and reclaim your free time today!

  1. Dust before you vacuum. As you dust, bits of dirt and dust will fall to the floor. By dusting first and vacuuming second, you won’t have to vacuum the same floor twice.
  2. Move top down. Similarly, when dusting wall units or shelves, start at the top. Begin by first lifting and dusting each object, and then dust the shelf (both underneath and behind the objects.)
  3. Use microfiber. For best results use a damp, clean, microfiber cloth. To dampen the cloth, hold the cloth by a corner and lightly mist it with clean water from a spray bottle. You want the cloth to be damp enough to pick up dust without leaving moisture streaks behind on surfaces. Using this method will ensure that your home's surfaces and furniture are cleaned in a safe and green way.

Take back your free time with DaSilva Cleaning Services's professional cleaning services. Use our What Is Your Time Worth? calculator to find out how much time you could save.