Cleaning Institute: Laundry Tips from Housekeeping Service Pros

Bringing Life Back to Sticky Irons, Sweat-stained T-shirts, Dirty Ball Caps, More

DaSilva Cleaning Services typically does not perform laundry chores, but as housekeeping service pros, we know the most stubborn laundry issues our clients complain about.

Don’t give up on your sweat-stained undershirts; dirty ball caps; clogged, sticky irons; and “ringed” shirt collars. Discover our secrets:

Sweat Stain Woes

You, or a family member or two are active—triathlon training, football practice, tennis… and the exercise is putting a world of hurt on your t-shirts, so they come out of the dryer discolored and offering an unmistakable whiff of locker room perfume.

Read up and watch a video explaining the secret to sweat-stain eradication:

Oh, the Iron-y

Irons might last forever, but mineral buildup from tap water will clog steamer holes and laundry product residues will muck up sole plates so that they can’t glide without halting or bunching up your clothes. Help!

Read up on detailed fixes you can try today, and keep that iron working forever:

Dirty Ball Caps

Breathe new life into old ball caps with the press of a button. Whaaat? Check out this video:

Ring around the Collar

Would you believe the key to getting the best of “ring around the collar” is an item in your bathroom? Check out this video:

Professional housekeeping services can really lighten your load, giving you all kinds of free time to accomplish other household tasks on your “to do” list, or give you more time to do what you want to. For a free, in-home estimate, call 603.285.9170 or DaSilva Cleaning Services today.