Save Time at Home

3 Ways to Create More Free Time

Between work, kids and maintaining your relationships you have better ways to spend your time than chores. That's why DaSilva Cleaning Services has prepared these three time-saving tips to help you organize your home and eliminate unneeded stress from your daily routine.

  1. Organize. Have a designated place to keep your keys, purse/wallet and your cell phone. Getting these belongings organized is an incredibly simple and effective way to save yourself minutes every day. Try and get in the habit of putting items away after every use.
  2. Multitask. Whether it's putting away clean dishes while making dinner, folding laundry while watching TV or taking out the garbage when going for a run there is an almost endless amount of possibilities for household tasks that can be completed in tandem. Be creative and find ways to do things simultaneously around your home.
  3. Go online. From paying all of your bills through your bank's website to planning a week's worth of grocery store items on a printable list, make the most of your screen time to limit errands and avoid multiple trips to the store.
Want to save even more time? Use our What Is Your Time Worth? calculator to find out how many hours DaSilva Cleaning Services's house cleaning services can save you!