Clean Scary Spaces

How to Clean Scary Spaces

In this section we motivate viewers to tackle the "scarier" cleaning jobs in the home.

How It's Done

Courage comes from know-how. The cleaning jobs around the house that are getting worse with time can be handled more regularly when you know what to do. Here are a few approaches:

  • Garbage disposals. Not as scary as they seem. Of course they are naturally dangerous, but when your garbage disposal has an odor, it's not coming from deep down, where the metal parts grind the food scraps. It's most likely coming from the black, rubber splash guard in your sink. When food is ground in the disposal’s motor, debris is sprayed along the bottom side of the splash guard. This area can be safely reached and cleaned with rubber gloves, paper towel and a disinfectant. For the squeamish, look away from the residue you will wipe off the splash guard and quickly dispose of the paper towel in the trash! You can do it!
  • Smelly garbage cans. The odor is coming from the bottom of the can, where food juices and moisture have leaked over time from your garbage bags. No need to procrastinate, just take the can outside and treat with Pine-Sol or clean it in the shower.
  • Smelly refrigerator? The first culprit is expired food and leftovers. Often it's one particular item. But from time to time, the fridge will need a good wipe-down. When you do, don't forget to pull out the trays (where veggies, fruit and meat might have gone bad). Clean them easily and quickly with a dedicated dish wand and dry with a microfiber cloth.
  • Bonus tips: Your front-loading washing machine might not smell, but you might be surprised at the build-up that can accumulate on the rubber ring around the door. And kitchen sponges? They're sanctuaries for germs long before they go "sour." Scouring pads not only work better, they're not nearly as inviting to germs and bacteria—making your kitchen a lot less "scary," right?

One of the marks of DaSilva Cleaning Services home cleaning services is that we clean according to your personalized cleaning plan. Check out even more of our household cleaning tips for keeping your house tidy between visits.