Save Time Cooking

3 Simple Ways to Save Time in the Kitchen

When it comes to cooking, faster is often better. DaSilva Cleaning Services understands you have better ways to spend your time (like spending quality time at the table, instead of working over the stove), so finding even an extra few minutes can mean a lot. See how you can manage your mealtimes below.

  1. Prep in batches. When you get home from the grocery store, take the time to chop herbs and wrap them in a paper towel and place in a plastic bag. You can also chop veggies and store in plastic food containers, so when you're cooking throughout the week, they can go straight in the pan. If you're time strapped, consider purchasing pre-chopped herbs and veggies; it may be worth the extra price.
  2. Identify one pot wonders. Purchasing a quality set of pots and pans can cut down on wash time, but as you're meal planning, select meals that can be cooked in a single pot. It can help develop flavor and saves you time after the meal is over.
  3. Get organized. Ensuring that you have easy access to all your tools and ingredients is an extremely effective way to save time in the kitchen. Reserve the storage areas closest to your stove, sink and refrigerator for the tools, gadgets and ingredients you use most often. Then be sure to store like items together, that way you don't have to spend time searching for a little-used tool.

Looking to save even more time? Use our What Is Your Time Worth? calculator to see how much time you could save by using DaSilva Cleaning Services's professional cleaning services.